China to maintain prudent, neutral monetary policy

Source:Cfbond 2018-09-30 22:02

By Dai Qi

China's central bank said that the country would maintain a prudent and neutral monetary policy in a news release on its website on Saturday.

The central bank's decision, which is considered to be a clue to observe China's monetary policy, was made at its monetary policy committee's 2018 quarterly meeting .

In the news release, the central bank said China's economy had witnessed a stable development.

Currently, China sees a stable Renminbi (RMB) exchange rate and enhanced ability to deal with external impacts.

The central bank will maintain a prudent and neutral monetary policy to manage the money supply well.

Meanwhile, the central bank said finance is being used soundly to back up the real economy.

Fund-raising and credit structures will also be optimized to better support private enterprises, according to the news release.

Besides, China will continue its efforts to deepen the reforms of its financial institutions and widen the opening up of its financial sector to the outside world.